Péter Pataky passed away

Former MSZOSZ president Péter Pataky passed away on September 4. 2016, at the age of 64.

He was a significant, integrating personality of the Hungarian trade union movement. Brought up in a worker family, in a multicultural environment, he was educated to be active in public life.

He started as public educator in one of the cultural centres of the Budapest before beginning to work for the trade union movement for over four decades. Throughout his working life Péter always placed the working man in the centre.

He could always find the word with his partners, representing workers’ interests with understanding, if necessary by conflicts.

He never was demagogic, he was driven by pure professionalism. In debates he only wanted to convince his partners, but never to defeat them. This was widely recognised by the negotiating partners, representing employers, or government.

For all this Péter was received with love and listened anywhere he went in Hungary, as adviser, trainer, MSZOSZ vice-president, and from 2006 as president. He was one of the initiators of the trade union merger leading to the foundation of MASZSZ, the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation, to which he was elected as its first president, before his retirement last year.

Budapest, September 5. 2016.


Hungarian Trade Union Confederation

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