NEWSCall of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation

Call of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation

The power has attacked wide strata of society: workers would be obliged to do fifty days overtime work a year, public servants would be forced into an even more vulnerable position, and freedom of scientific research and freedom of education comes in danger. For that the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MASZSZ) announces a demonstration on 8 December.


We call on everyone to act resolutely, call for all interest representations to coordinate for ensuring that all parties concerned be represented in the demonstration. The greatest participation is a prerequisite to force the government to rethink and withdraw the drafts.

MASZSZ sets up an organising committee for the preparation of the demonstration and awaits the participation of trade unions whose members are affected by the planned measures and who are ready to stand in solidarity with the workers and students concerned. We can only achieve results if we are able to show strength, to which joint action is the condition.

Therefore, we ask all interest representations to go beyond usual approach, and independent of confederal membership, protest unanimously against the steps of the government, which have been arbitrarily announced without any obligatory, meaningful negotiations with the social partners.

László Kordás, President, MASZSZ

Hungarian workers and trade unions have been confronted recently by several legislative initiatives to significatly worsen the Labour Code and the legal regulations concerning civil servants, public employees.

Las week an amendment to the Labour Code was put forward to increase the present annually maximum 250 hours overtime to 400 hours/ year (300 hours if agreed in collective agreement) and to increase the reference period to 3 years from the presently one year.

This will lead to significant worsening of working conditions and to high level of exploitation of workers. Unins consider this changes unacceptable and demand the withdrawal of the proposal.
The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation MASZSZ calls for a major demonstration for December 8 inviting all workers to go on street and protest: enough of the slavery law! Unions also call for real, meaningful social doialogue and condemn the way the legislative process is being misused again. (The amendment ot the Labour Code has been put forward as an individual motion ba two government party MPs - which do not require the necessary consultation process, and can simply go directly to parliamentary discussion/adoption). We call for realisation of the principles of the European Pillar of Social RIghts and the ILO Decent Work programme - not doing on the contrary.

A Klubrádió nálunk is szól.
Kattints a képre!

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