On April 28 2014 the National Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions / MSZOSZ and its affiliates remembered those colleagues, who lost their lives, got injured at work and becames subject of occupational diseases. Several activities were organised across the country. In Budapest a national conference took place with the attendance of over one hundred workplace safety representatives, trade union shop stewards, secretaries, employers' OSH responsibles and representatives of the labour and safety authority.

The "Safe and healthy work for all" conference was also attended by scolars and researchers.

MSZOSZ aims at bringing together the "OSH community" - actors, who can contribute to make the difference, who can act together for safer and healthier workplaces. Special emphasis will be put on how to strenghten the meaningful tripartism on national level and the joint work of company management and workers safety reps. The fact that April 28 was declared in Hungary as the official remember day also helps to focuss the attention of the public opinion to the problems and achievements in this field. We stand for making every day of the year an"April 28" - remembering the dead by working for the living.


MSZOSZ and its affiliates call for a national OSH strategy - as Hungary is the single country in the European Union without any such policy framework; we demand the adoption of the national OSH policy programme as well as the publication of the EU OSH strategy for the 2014 - 2020 period. Workers' health and safety can not be hostage to the REFITT strives!

In the evening, on the invitation of the MSZOSZ OSH committee, representatives of the OSH community - trade union leaders, activists, workplace saftey reps, high level representatives of employers and the authorities gathered for the traditional lighting of memorial candles at the Memorial of Injured and Killed Workers - a statute erected by the MSZOSZ Foundation at a formal iconic industrial site. All Hungarian trade unions have been invited to join - to strenghten union and safety representatives cooperation for the wellbeing of workers.


* * *

The Youth Section of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MaSZSZ-Ifi) staged a flash-mob on the occasion of April 28. They called the attention of the public and the policy makers to the distressing fact, that the number of fatal accidents have grown by 15% during January-September 2013 in Hungary. The number of accidents have also grown - of which 37% are attributed to the age group 16 - 34.

These facts are unacceptable - trade unions and trade union youth must act together with the workplace safety representatives to increase the level of prevention and safety culture. Special steps are necessary to raise the level of knowledge and awareness of young workers.

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