kongresszusTo Everyone!
Same interest - common action!

The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation held its first congress on 21 November 2014, and decided about the steps necessary for the realization of integration.

The Congress considers that immediate changes are needed in the situation of the country, of jobs, and of the people. The tax laws passed, the draft budget bring the public sector and most sectors of the economy in a precarious position, which, if left unchanged lead to dysfunction. Subsequent transfers of income further increase the gap between the rich and those fighting for livelihood. The government intends to introduce another public works program financed by cuts of social support, which will cause further troubles.

If the Parliament adopts the draft budget unchanged, jobs will become fatally impossible, groups of society will fall into extreme poverty, masses of young, middle-aged and elderly will lose their vision.

We need real jobs, decent wages, predictable future, tripartite interest reconciliation! The present practice is unacceptable. The burdens and scope of problems cause social tensions in such scale which can only be solved jointly.

Wage negotiations have not yet begun to date, although for over two decades final negotiations used to take place at this time of the year. We demand the immediate start of wage negotiations, it is untenable that workers and their families live on incomes below the poverty line! Early retirement pensions are still not dealt with, a problem which needs solution now!szavazas

We have nowhere to retreat!
It is enough of one-sided visions!
It is enough of measures, regulations, common law only for narrow group interests!

These days in Hungary tens of thousands go on the streets expressing their legitimate demands.

We support all those who raise their voce for the basic democratic values, a meaningful dialogue, a decent living, social safety.

All affairs are a common cause!

Actors of public and private sectors act together. If needed we will demonstrate, will fight, and not be afraid to strike - until our demands are met.
The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation calls on all its members and responsibly minded compatriots to make their voices heard, to express their will on the country's future.

The congress of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation calls for joint action for our common future!

We meet on November 22. 2014, at 14.00 in front of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where the next step of the protest is the Teachers' Union demonstration for public education , against the draft 2015 state budget – the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation is joining.

Our interests are the same - our action shall common!


Budapest, November 21. 2014.

1st Congress of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation

A Klubrádió nálunk is szól.
Kattints a képre!

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